History of War


25 April-9 May 1846


Inspired by the concept of ‘Manifest Destiny’, the USA expands westwards and annexes Texas. When negotiations to purchase New Mexico and California from Mexico fail, the United States launches an

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Wwii This Month… March 1941
Though President Roosevelt had recently won re-election on a promise of non-intervention in what was perceived as Europe’s war, the Lend-Lease Act was passed by the US Congress on 11 March. This was a critical moment in the build up to the US partici
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Royal Army Ordnance Corps
Tasked with supplying weapons, ammunition and equipment to the British Army, the Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) had medieval origins. First set up as the “Office of Ordnance” in 1414 during the reign of Henry V, Britain’s system of logistical suppl
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Catherine The Great’s Pistols
Catherine II (r.1762-96) was the most accomplished empress in Russian history. Better known as Catherine the Great, she began life as a minor German princess but became empress of Russia after overthrowing her husband Tsar Peter III in a coup d’état.