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On 19 May, Mustafa Pasha’s soldiers attack the curtain wall protecting the suburb of Birgu on the south side of the Grand Harbour. Supported by two powerful batteries, the knights of the Castilian langue emerge from a sally port in the wall, routing the startled Ottomans. The Ottomans

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Wwii This Month… March 1941
Though President Roosevelt had recently won re-election on a promise of non-intervention in what was perceived as Europe’s war, the Lend-Lease Act was passed by the US Congress on 11 March. This was a critical moment in the build up to the US partici
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It is good to remember how we felt in time of war; To feel all the hatred for the misery and gore; To relive our thoughts and feelings at the evil that we saw; And still be determined to prevent it all once more. Remembering, means we don’t forget,
History of War1 min letti
Mervyn Kersh, a British-Jewish veteran, spoke with Tom this issue – he recalls landing on D-Day, fighting across Europe and witnessing the horrors of Bergen-Belsen. He also discusses the great need to remember and learn from the war. Gavin is a best