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Nurture With Nature

Feeling blah about your bod? Get outside and crunch some leaves, girl. New research in the journal (yep, these folks know what they’re talking about) examined results from

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Feeling Flu-like?
This particular type of OTC anti-inflammatory (such as ibuprofen) helps block the production of prostaglandins. Try Advil or Motrin, and take it early—like, as soon as you start experiencing that achy feeling. If you’re not already on birth control p
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Put A Ring On It
MOVE 1 Lie faceup on floor, legs lifted and knees bent 90 degrees in tabletop position. Keeping head on floor, position ring between lower thighs and hands, pressing into it with hands as you activate lower abs (transverse abdominis). Press ring in l
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Too Legit to Quit
It’s hard to scroll through Insta these days without seeing posts about how someone is taking a break from sugar…or booze, or dating apps (unless, of course, you’re doing your own digital detox). So maybe it was inevitable that the Pill would make th