Family Values

ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITE TELEVISION GENRES IS WHAT I call “Rude Rich People” (RRP). RRP is essentially a subgroup of fish-out-of-water stories but with way better clothes, a lot of shade-throwing, and usually at least one British person. Or, in this case, multiple Canadians.

is RRP at its finest. The show centers around the wealthy Rose family—comprised of patriarch Johnny (Eugene Levy), matriarch Moira (Catherine O’Hara), son David (Dan Levy; yes, Eugene’s actual son), and daughter Alexis (Annie Murphy)—who suddenly find themselves) reluctantly swim out of their alkaline infinity pool (fancy ). The family moves into a seedy motel in a tiny creek-adjacent town and struggle to adapt to their impoverished new way of life. In an early episode, David sums up their situation quite nicely: “My sister texted me ‘help’ and my mind went straight to , so I wasn’t too far off.” I am so on board with these RRPs.

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