A Flawless Campaign

PEOPLE WHO WORK IN advertising say there’s no greater accomplishment than to create a lasting emotional connection with consumers. Those critical of the industry aver there’s no greater no-no than to create consumer demand that wasn’t there before. Both sides often cite the same campaign to prove their point.

That campaign

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Miranda Writes
“I WAS THE GIRL WHO SURVIVED.” So begins The Girl from Widow Hills, Megan Miranda’s thrillingly tense new novel about what it means to be famous for a trauma you don’t remember. The little girl in question is Arden Maynor, who sleepwalks into a storm
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In the Zone
THE TWILIGHT ZONE—EXECUTIVE PRODUCED BY WRITER AND NARRATOR Jordan Peele and Simon Kinberg—returns for its second season, boasting a dazzling array of guest stars. With all 10 episodes dropping at once, get ready for a binge that’s out of this world.
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7 Things That Make Me Smile
Twelve years ago when I moved from Toronto to New York, I would hear his songs on the radio and they would remind me of home. His music was about the hustle, and I’d be on the subway after a midnight set, and it was cold, and I didn’t have any friend