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Oedipal Complex

With her bracingly original take on a classic Greek myth, Daisy Johnson not only reinvents a story—but also the whole notion of storytelling itself.
“When I pitched this story to my publisher, it was an entirely different book,” says Daisy Johnson

DAISY JOHNSON MAKES the old so fresh, it feels raw. In her debut novel, Everything Under, she retells the

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A Whole New World
THE WEIRDEST, LONGEST AWARDS season that ever was began like any other, sort of. Frances McDormand didn’t jet off to the Rockies, but her Telluride premiere Nomadland still situated her as a Best Actress front-runner—at a drive-in screening in L.A. R
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The Awardist Loves the Movies
WE NEED THE MOVIES. THIS ISN'T something proved by algorithm or spreadsheet. The sentiment springs from that much-dissed source: the heart. Nobody ever got into this business because it is rational. Hollywood is all about passion and folly. Still, th
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Axis of Evil
YES, WE LIVE IN A world that denied Best Director prizes to Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock in their lifetimes, though not the man who gave us Cats; mistakes have been made. But two slights in particular still burn: Ralph Fiennes as a Nazi comma