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Coping With A Troubled Mind

Job pressure, strained relationship or other issues can trigger anxiety disorders, which may lead to depression.

What should I do to get a good appraisal? How do I give this job my best shot? How do I deal with the pain and anger I feel when at work? Dr Ajay Phadke, Founder and CEO of Type a Thought, an online counselling service, is barraged with such questions and more every single day. And

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What’s UP
Before the crisis, the group of top private companies was considered less risky than the top PSUs. After the pandemic started, the situation reversed, although the cost of debt rose sharply for both This was possibly due to the perceived sovereign gu
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Rupee Recovers From All-time Lows
The Indian rupee averaged ₹75.7 per dollar in May, appreciating from the all-time low of ₹76 in April 2020 One reason could be improvement in balance of payments. India’s merchandise trade deficit shrank to $6.8 billion in April from $9.8 billion in
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Pangs of High Leverage
Vital statistics often hide more than they reveal. India’s 20 most-leveraged private sector companies, excluding those that have filed for bankruptcy, have a combined debt of ₹15.4 lakh crore — almost half of the government’s budget expenditure plann