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Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearing Didn’t Change Anything

After a week of political theater in the Senate Judiciary Committee, President Trump’s nominee is back where he started: on his way to the Supreme Court.
Source: Chris Wattie / Reuters

Democrats seemed to have one goal throughout the Brett Kavanaugh hearings this week: to catch him in a lie. A steady drumbeat of leaked emails purported to show that he was less than honest in the way he framed his views to senators. Kavanaugh told Dianne Feinstein that Roe v. Wade and subsequent abortion-related cases are “important precedent.” The next day, The New York Times published a “secret email” in which Kavanaugh questioned whether “all legal scholars refer to as the settled law of the land at the Supreme Court level since [the] Court can always overrule its precedent.”

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