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The case for full-fat yogurt

Dairy fat may be saturated, but it's not unhealthy the way animal fats are.
yogurt berries bowl granola

Creamy, full-fat yogurt and fruit make a decadent snack that's actually good for you (minus the sugary granola...)


Not all fats are created equal. There’s the dangerous trans fats, the healthy unsaturated fats, and the middling saturated fats, but even within that final category there are variations. That marbled steak? Bad for you, in non moderate amounts. But that creamy yogurt? It might actually be good for you.

One recent study brought the issue of full-fat dairy to the headlines this week, but this is far from the first study to question the. Researchers have been zeroing in on the health consequences of t dairy fat for a long time. On the whole, studies show that people who eat full-fat dairy tend to be just as healthy or even healthier than those who choose . Let’s talk this through.

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