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Observer archive - In Franco's Spain, 15 July 1959

Twenty years after the end of the Spanish Civil War, photographer Michael Peto travelled around Spain with writer Nora Beloff for a three part series in the Observer looking at different aspects of life under General Franco and the future for the country.
Barcelona slums: A home by the railway tracks, where the sewers tip their contents into the sea.All photographs by Michael Peto for the Observer/Courtesy of the University of Dundee, The Peto Collection.

One of Spain’s principal attractions to it’s millions of visitors from industrial Northern Europe - besides sunshine and cheap services - is the archaism of the countryside.

You can drive for hundreds of miles and, apart from a patchy and uncertain tarmac under your tyres, there is nothing to remind you of the twentieth century: no poles or pylons, no petrol stations or electric pumps, just the peasants and their children in floppy hats and dateless clothes,

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