Someone (probably Albee Layer) will land an 18-foot air

If you were to use a yardstick to compare the biggest airs of 1990 with the biggest airs of 2018, you’d see that above-the-lip maneuvers have grown vastly higher over the past three decades. But if you took that same yardstick and compared airs done by surfers with those done by snowboarders or skateboarders, you’ll quickly see that the latter two easily out-launch and out-rotate surfers any day. Find Danny Way’s 25.5-foot air on YouTube and contrast it with the 6-ish-foot alley oop Jack Robinson landed in West Oz back in March.

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Surfer13 min letti
Warriors Of The Bight
“WE WON.” The text message was to the point. “WON WHAT?” I replied. It was early morning. “THE BIGHT. THE NORWEGIANS HAVE FUCKED OFF.” The message from my surfing associate down in the Great Australian Bight took a minute to sink in. Huge if true. Ha
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Sixty Years of Escape
WELCOME TO YOUR MENTAL VACATION! YOU HAVE NOW ENTERED A CON-SPIRACY-THEORY-FREE ZONE. AS YOU’LL NOTICE, THERE’S NO COMMENT section below for people to digitally scream about fascism and “sheeple”. What’s that? Yes, of course we believe in science. Ev
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The Perfect Storm
Italo Ferreira is sitting underneath a boom mic and a florescent studio light in the front of his house in Baia Formosa when he lets out a big yawn and blinks a set of heavy eyes. It’s been a long day for the 2019 World Champ, to be sure, but it’s al