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Source:   The Colorado Continental Divide – but the images we choose not to take are just as real  

Which is more memorable, the photograph you take or the one you don't? If that sounds a bit strange, just bear with me for a moment. When you capture an image there is often the hope that, by hitting the shutter release at exactly the right critical moment, you will be joining the fellowship of the classic photographers

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It’s Good To Share
Gavin is a microbiologist, based in Falkirk, Scotland, who loves photographing trees and woodlands. ‘Bringing order to the chaos is very satisfying and rewarding,’ he says, ‘and it’s seldom that you meet anyone else. For me, there isn’t much joy in l
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Best Bags For Landscape Photography
● £50 ● Having all your camera accessories scattered across different pockets and compartments isn’t ideal. This tech pouch is a brilliant solution for keeping your cables, batteries, everyday accessories and travel essentials neat
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Amateur Photographer Of The Year
Landscape photography is an incredibly popular genre. It’s easily accessible for most and we’ve got a whole world full of potential subjects. Because this subject is so favoured, you will need to work hard to stand out – but we’ve kept the brief fair