be a trail blazer

You train hard, you train regularly, but how often do you actually work out for a full day while carrying a 20-pound weight up and down an incline? This is precisely what you’re doing when you hit the trails to go hiking, and many people don’t consider the strength and stamina needed to spend a full day balancing the weight of a backpack while trekking over uneven terrain.

“Folks tell us, ‘I’m in great shape for the gym, but when I go hiking for six hours, the training I do doesn’t really translate,’” says Anne Peick, senior field instructor and staffing coordinator for the National Outdoor Leadership School in Lander, Wyoming. But that very challenge, plus majestic views and the soul-soothing elixir of the great outdoors, is exactly what draws gym rats away from the treadmill and into the wilderness.

Train for the Trails

Regardless of your proximity to the nearest wooded path, you can tailor your training so

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