YACHT CHARTER in the Pacific Northwest often includes itineraries in scenic Alaska or British Columbia’s Desolation Sound, but it’s worth the effort to look a bit farther south, between Seattle and Vancouver off the Washington State border. There, you’ll find the San Juan Islands, a region that is much less-traveled by charterduring at least part of the year, because tax laws make it unfavorable for out-of-region yachts to move into the market. The downside of that reality is limited supply — charter clients have to book early to get the best yachts — while the upside is having captains and crew with virtually unlimited local knowledge. They usually know the captains of the local whale-watching fleet, to get the scoop on pod positions. They know the harbors that remain empty come sundown, to ensure a quiet night on the hook with a good view. And they’re familiar with local fishing fleets, which provide the chef with the freshest catch. ¶ Want to wet a hook yourself? Charter yachts here usually have fishing and crabbing equipment, and tow center consoles with fish boxes and other gear. Guests can leave their own rods and reels at home but will want to pack a favorite pair of hiking boots, as well as clothing that can be layered. Early morning climbs can lead to stunning views in the crisp air, followed by gunkholing or paddleboarding in a bathing suit and T-shirt under the midday sun. ¶ Pro tip: Think layering when researching charter yachts too. Those with open as well as enclosed lounging areas will let everyone enjoy the views in any weather.

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Fish Hunter
THE PURSUIT 3800 EXPRESS is built for chasing pelagics in the deep, with a fine entry for slicing a seaway. The hull form resolves to a moderate 18-degree transom deadrise, enhancing overall stability. Prop pockets reduce draft and shaft angle. ¶ Ang
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Visibility from the twin helm seats is unobstructed, while the lounge area abaft those seats is its own ecosystem. Farther aft is a Kenyon grill. ¶ The sky lounge also provides access to the foredeck via a Portuguese bridge and centerline stairs down
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Total Immersion
BOATING SEASON IS ABOUT TO HIT FULL STRIDE, and who isn’t ready for some fun on the water? Where I live in the Northeast, we had our first real winter in years. My shoulders are still sore from the shoveling. But now, the weather is warm, the days ar