History of War


Source:   Burgundian mercenaries used ribauldequins in English armies during the Wars of the Roses, which could be alarming weapons. Leonardo da Vinci drew and designed this pictured example of a ribauldequin  

The smoke created by Warwick the Kingmaker’s artillery contributed to a fog that reduced visibility during the Battle of Barnet

During the Wars of the Roses both

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Did Xerxes Really Win?
The victorious conclusion of the Greco-Persian Wars brought much pride to the Greeks, and Western history has remembered them as triumphs of the Greek people over tyrannical invaders. However, there is an alternative to this narrative: the Persians a
History of War4 min letti
1941 – 2021 Operation Barbarossa
In the summer of 1940, most of western Europe was under the boot of a rampant Wehrmacht. Though Hitler’s pact with the Soviet Union seemingly remained strong, on 31 July 1940 he described his plans for war with Stalin. “The sooner Russia is crushed,
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Holocaust In The East
The Nazi genocide in the east was a targeted, organised and ruthless strategy of forced labour and mass murder on the scale of millions. Murder of certain groups was the objective from the outset, a precedent that Hitler and his party had established