“Slippery as an eel up here” I said aloud to nobody but myself as my front tire drifted out of the apex of the turn. The ground was baked hard as concrete, coated with a skim of dust, dried leaves and dead grass; a toxic combination with about as much traction as an air hockey table. This particular trail, carved laboriously into the side of a steep hill behind my barn over the previous two winters, is a narrow exercise in wheel placement and constant turns. It punishes lapsed concentration even when the traction is ideal. Traction had

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A Voice For Change
As her home city of Minneapolis became the center of the Black Lives Matter movement in late May, Rachel Olzer emerged as one of the most powerful voices in cycling. Olzer is a Black cross-country and cyclocross racer, Specialized ambassador and co-f
Bike4 min letti
Butcher Paper
To all the newbs I'Ve loved before don't ever change I haven’t written a letter like this in a while. Hell, last time I had the clammy-hand feeling of putting these types of words into writing, I was still a gap-toothed middle school kid whose go-to
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Watering Hole
We’ve all been there. Exhausted, even if we love it. Pushed. Every creative drop squeezed, empty of words, energy wrung from a now-hollow inner. This ended a week of careful consideration—free flowing yet meticulous and thoughtful line choices. Camp