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On what frightens him:

Very little. I try to scare myself. I’ve been on locations where people are like, “Don’t go on the fifth floor! It’s haunted.” I’ll be the first one to go to the

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Chill the Eff Out
On an average day, you’ve got to hit the gym, make lunches for the kids, work a full-time job, cook a healthy dinner, maintain your skin-care routine, and get to bed before you turn into a pumpkin. And when you add the infinite todos of the holiday s
Women's Health1 min letti
Nix Your Neck Pain
WHEN YOU WAKE UP WITH A STIFF NECK…TRY OPEN BOOK Lie on one side, keeping bottom leg straight and top leg bent; hold top knee down with bottom arm. Relaxing head, extend top arm away from body to other side, twisting torso to open chest toward ceilin
Women's Health4 min letti
Take-Home Test
Forget fuzzy socks and candles: At-home DNA tests are poised to be one of the most popular holiday gifts of 2019. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies say their sales skyrocketed around the holidays last year—and third-party reports project t