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we were going to kick off this article by reminding you (as we often do in a nifty little parenthetical) that HIIT stands for high-intensity interval training. But in 2017, that sort of feels as unnecessary as explaining that OMG is an acronym for Oh My God. HIIT is now a part of our national lexicon, the bedrock of our fitness routines. See Exhibit A: our dear WH readers. In a recent Twitter poll, 55 percent of you said you love HIIT and do it often.

Keep that up! Science has proven (time and time again) that shifting between periods of fierce activity and active rest within the same workout stokes your fat burners, increasing your metabolism for up to 24 hours post-workout—fondly known as the afterburn effect. On paper, it’s genius. In practice? Well, that’s where things get complicated.

“All the research shows that the fat-melting magic of HIIT comes from the sharp up-and-down spikes in your heart rate, but most of us don’t give ourselves enough time to properly recover between work intervals because we think harder

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