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Source: BEEF Steaks and chops, 145°F; ground, 160°FFISH 145°FPORK Chops, 145°F; ground, 160°CHICKEN 165°FYOU EAT HIS FOOD, HE’LL EAT YOURS.

A new study found that a mere 6 percent of nearly 1,500 recipes from best-selling cookbooks provided readers with accurate final temps for meat; others gave the wrong number or

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Cruise Control
You thought the hardest part of the trip would be keeping your luggage under 50 pounds. So why are you two squabbling in the middle of the airport—before you’ve even left? Traveling with a new flame or an established partner can invite a plane cabin’
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Slice of Moderation
Don’t beat yourself up over your last indulgence. Instead, remind yourself why you want to eat healthy in the first place (having energy to play with your nephew, feeling confident in your NYE dress), so you create a sense of pride, not shame. “Every
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Take-Home Test
Forget fuzzy socks and candles: At-home DNA tests are poised to be one of the most popular holiday gifts of 2019. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing companies say their sales skyrocketed around the holidays last year—and third-party reports project t