The St akeout

Source: ON PAXTON: Shirt by Hugo Boss. Vintage suspenders from Palace Costume. Bow tie by Turnbull & Asser. Trousers by Express. Sunglasses, Bill’s own.ON CORNWELL: Suit and shirt by Hugo Boss.

ON CORNWELL: Suit jacket by Moods of Norway. Tank top by Calvin Klein. Trousers by Bonobos. Sneakers by Polo Ralph Lauren. Vintage scarf from Palace Costume.

ON PAXTON: Dinner jacket and tuxedo trousers by Hugo Boss. Sneakers by Adidas Stan Smith.


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BILL PAXTON CRACKS THE the door to a room where Justin Cornwell is being interviewed, pokes his head in and raises his eyebrows “Here’s Johnny!” style. “He’s learning from the worst,” volunteers Paxton regarding his young co-star. “He’s learning from me.”

This is the Paxton, Cornwell explains, who sometimes emerges “when it’s been 14 hours of shooting and we’re all kind of in that mode, just laughing. We feel like a family in those moments.”

“Justin’s pretty much new to Hollywood and so it’s fun, because it’s kind of art imitating life. As with the characters, I am the old guy who’s been out here a long time, and here’s this guy who’s really pretty fresh offff the boat.”—BILL PAXTON

The jovial scene at this 35-room, 1920s mansion high atop the Pacific Palisades is a far cry from the gritty streets of L.A. where Paxton and Cornwell stalk, slap and trade gunshots with the. Veteran actor Paxton, as a similarly veteran cop named Frank Rourke, is tasked with breaking in new partner Kyle Craig (Cornwell), who poses as a fresh recruit. Rourke is the insult-slinging, seen-itall rule-breaker; Craig is a heroic do-gooder assigned by suspicious LAPD brass to uncover Rourke’s trespasses on the job. In a key complication, Craig’s dad, killed on the job years before, was Rourke’s partner at the time.

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