Sixth Scents

RAGRANCE NERDS, GRAB YOUR SMELLING SALTS: renowned scent expert —whose company, , creates perfumes with some of the top noses in the world—has teamed designer on a fragrance. “When we started to work, I asked Frédéric if we can make a perfume of a dress, because when you hold a dress of someone you love and you smell it, this is the moment that memory comes,” says Elbaz. “When you have a perfume of a dress, it is a perfume of memories, and that’s what perfumes are all about.” Their collaborative scent, , is a “grand aldehyde floral” that marries rose, jasmine, vetiver and peach and apricot skins. So why the supernatural name? “It’s the idea that there are things that are bigger and stronger than those convictions that everybody has about the way to do business, the way to do luxury,” says Malle. “Everything doesn’t have to be so organized, so logical. There’s more to life than this.”

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