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Source: Beefing up— ahem!— your plant intake is an easy way to get more fiber and antioxidants into your diet.Pair plant-based foods with each other (like rice and beans) for a complete protein.

kid from Minnesota who hated vegetables. But 18 years ago I had a bowl of veggie chili that changed my life (and my running) when it sent me down the path of plant-based eating. Since then, I’ve fueled my ultrarunning with plants. But it didn’t happen all at once. I slowly started swapping out animal foods for plant-based ones: Meat

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NIKE DIDN’T TELL RODGER KRAM AND WOUTER Hoogkamer much about the prototype shoe at first. “We knew it had a new foam, called Pebax, and they showed us the carbon [fiber] plate,” recalls Kram. The exercise physiologist and longtime director of the Uni
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How Cancer Changed the Reasons I Love Running
I started running, like many people, to lose weight. I weighed 300 pounds in 2004, then shed 130 pounds and have kept it off since. Yes, the weight loss was life changing, but I didn’t expect that it isn’t even close to my favorite thing about runnin
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ON CERTAIN WEEKDAY MORNINGS, AROUND 5:30 or 6:00 a.m., a small group of athletes gathers at a trailhead in Boulder, Colorado. From there they run a mile or so along the dirt trails that snake up to the base of mountains, gaining elevation as they hop