Let them eat cake

Source: Cake Bites contain 20 grams of protein, 7 grams of dietary fats and only 5 grams of sugar for 240 calories (about 80 calories per individual cake).

knows that you’re dedicated to both your training and nutrition programs, but that doesn’t mean that every food or supplement you consume needs to be dry and tasteless. Cake Bites are designed to provide you with the mouth feel and satisfaction of a dessert while you adhere to the macros

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My Obsessed-with List
Any gal who’s not a perfect size 2 knows the pain of finding clothing that fits. But Tiare Hawaii has designed a line of dresses that literally fits everyone! They are light and airy, and there are literally hundreds to choose from. $122, tiarehawaii
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Model for “Parallel You-Niverse,” Page 20, and “Stop What You’re Doing,” Page 40 Clearly, since she can snatch 150 pounds and clean-and-jerk 205, Olympic weightlifter Lindsay Broekel is no stranger to training pain. “But while shooting this article,
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The New Rules Of Baking
Winging it the first time you use an alternative flour could mean an epic #kitchenfail. First, try a recipe written specifically for that flour and follow it exactly. Once you see how it reacts, you can start experimenting. Flours without gluten such