Ask the Nutritionist

Q:I get cramps in my legs and feet during and after workouts. I eat a lot of bananas, so I think I get plenty of potassium. What else could be causing the cramps?

You’re right: As long as you’re eating plenty of fruits and vegetables and have normal functioning kidneys, potassium deficiency is likely not your problem, unless you use diuretics, vomit often or have

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It's safe to say that the year has been insane. No need for details, obviously, but due to unforeseeable events, the world has become compartmentalized. People have been required to shrink their personal and professional lives and to exist within the
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Breakfast With Benefits
Your mom told you, we told you and now science is telling you — breakfast is important: A recent study published in the journal Nutrition revealed that people who go big on breakfast eat a better overall diet; consume less added sugar, saturated fat
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Got (nutrition) Goals?
IF YOU’RE A SEASONED ATHLETE, you might be familiar with periodized training, a progressive workout program that reduces your risk of injury while maximizing your results. With this kind of protocol, your training becomes harder and more intense over