Don’t know the winner of our Lifetime Achievement award? You should. Asus Chairman and Chief Branding Officer Jonney Shih is one of the most entertaining, enthusiastic and downright tireless executives in the tech world, pumping out high-energy presentations at trade shows packed with positivity and panache. But it’s not just his stage presence that’s made Shih a legend; since joining the company in 1994, he and his team have built Asus from a niche motherboard manufacturer into the fourth largest PC vendor in the world, a leader in home internet kit, and even a player in the smartphone market.

Now Asus is looking forward and in a field that could push tech even further. For the T3 Awards, we caught up

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Light Ebikes
When is an ebike not totally an ebike? When other riders can’t actually tell you’re riding one, but you’re able to sail past them like you’ve got your own personal tail wind. Here we have three of the best undercover ebikes; with integrated batteries
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Apple MacBook Air
From £1,099 apple.com/uk If you bought last year’s MacBook Air refresh, you can skip this bit. This is a nearly identical machine, with £100 lopped off the price and some small tweaks made. But anyone else looking for a thin and light machine should
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Product 01: Ampler Curt
Ampler’s electric offering is reminiscent of the T3 test-winning Vanmoof Electrified S we featured a couple of years back - stealth bomber matte black, with a hidden drive system and built-in lights. It’s not quite the tech showcase that epitomised t