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Capture stunning images of the natural world with the help of these quick reference photo cards.

Each card focuses on a different species, photography technique or fieldcraft skill, with step by-step tips to improve your pictures.

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How to photograph animals in built-up areas

• Get your eye in at your local park, as the animals you encounter will be more approachable.

• Rather than zooming in to isolate the animal, show it in context with the man-made environment.

• Build up a list of local contacts -from wildlife groups to night security guards - so you can source suitable locations.

FIELDCRAFT TIP: Don’t wear deodorant when photographing foxes, and approach them with the wind in your face so that your scent is carried away.


How to get set up to record aggressive behaviour

• Your camera’s shutter speed will need to be extremely fast to freeze a frantic bout of interaction, so set the widest aperture on the lens and use a higher than normal ISO

• Use Continuous or Al Servo to track the subjects’ movements

• Leave space in the frame so that you can record a full range of movement - you can crop later

SHOOTING TIP: If your camera offers back-button focusing, set this up so that you can instantly deactivate Continuous AF should the subjects stop moving


Wear rustle-free clothes and approach from downwind

• Use trees and rocks as cover. Keep a low profile to avoid breaking the skyline, otherwise your outline will be distinctive

• Try composing the shot so that the animal appears off-centre and is facing into the frame.

• Check the edge

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