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Take Up the Slack

Source: 1. The author walks the line near North Table Mountain in Golden, CO.

One impossible challenge. Five days to train. Go.

You might picture highliners stepping straight off the ledge and out onto the line. That’s how I figured it went: Inch-thick nylon webbing is pulled taut between anchors on opposing cliffs, a protective leash is clipped to your harness, and out you go, a bird on a wire. But it’s not that simple. A fall near the anchor could have you swinging back into rock, breaking bones. So instead you slide out a few feet on your butt and use a sit-start method such as the Chongo, named after the rock climber and consummate slacker Charles “Chongo”

Tucker. With no ground to steady you, you lift your torso and pull a foot beneath your body so your heel presses into your butt. Then, with one arm held out for balance, you bring your.

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