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Source: Want to be that smiley face at the end? Then help your doctor get the ball rolling.

Martin is a healthy 38-year-old. One day he cuts his workout short because he feels winded. The same thing happens over the next several days, and he develops a fever.

At an urgent care office, Martin is diagnosed with viral bronchitis and given an inhaler. He gets worse and goes back a few days later. This time he receives a chest x-ray and a new diagnosis: pneumonia. He’s prescribed antibiotics. On a third trip, he receives different antibiotics.

Six weeks after that first disrupted workout, Martin goes to the emergency room. There, an astute clinician asks Martin if he spends much time outdoors. Actually, he’d been on a weeklong hiking and fishing trip before getting sick. Further testing reveals an uncommon fungal infection of the lungs. The diagnosis comes just in time.

These kinds of cases are more common than you might think. I know because I’m an internal medicine doctor. We miss

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