Forget Crowdsourcing. Cool Companies Are on to Crowdlearning

The future of your business lies in what we leave behind.

In the past 24 hours, you’ve passively shed more data than you can possibly imagine. Tiny fragments of the physical and virtual you are strewn across all the places you’ve been: the unique keystroke patterns entered as you’ve typed on your computer; the subtle intonations in your recorded call to customer service; the biomatter you’ve left behind in cars and public bathrooms. On their own, these

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The Moment
SPONSORED BY THE INC. 5000 HONOREES WHOSE PROFILES APPEAR IN THE FOLLOWING PAGES Signing a contract with your first big client. That phone call when the VC made a funding offer. The time Mom saw you giving an interview on TV. Nearly all accomplished
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A Home For Reggaeton Royalty
ORLANDO CAMILLE SOTO 4,721% Camille Soto adored her cousin Alejandro Tomei, who achieved notoriety in Puerto Rico rapping under the moniker Get Low. When Tomei was murdered in 2005, Soto, then a law student, teamed up with her cousin’s producer to la
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The New Startup Geography
HIGH ALPHA calls itself a venture studio. That’s a combination incubator, early-stage investor, and startup consultancy. But it might better be called a venture catapult. Last year, the Indianapolis company showed its Midwestern can-do-ness in the mi