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LET’S FACE IT: RUNNERS AREN’T NECESsarily known for their arms. That’s not a dig—it’s just easy to neglect your top half when it seems like your legs do all the work. Failing to train your upper body, however, can hold you back big time.

“Have you ever tried to run without your arms? It’s weird, inefficient, and hard as hell,” says Pamela Geisel, an exercise physiologist at Hospital for Special Surgery’s Tisch Sports Performance Center in

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La Sportiva Kaptiva Gtx
PRICE: $159 WEIGHT: 9.5 oz (M), 8.3 oz (W) DROP: 6 mm TYPE: Trail IF YOU STICK to singletrack trails even when they’re socked in with snow, you’ll appreciate the Kaptiva GTX’s Gore-Tex upper, which keeps the white stuff on the ground where it belongs
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How Cancer Changed the Reasons I Love Running
I started running, like many people, to lose weight. I weighed 300 pounds in 2004, then shed 130 pounds and have kept it off since. Yes, the weight loss was life changing, but I didn’t expect that it isn’t even close to my favorite thing about runnin
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Break Barriers Just Like Eliud Kipchoge
This past October, the running world held its collective breath as the world’s most dominant marathoner, Eliud Kipchoge, staged his second attempt at running 26.2 miles in under two hours. After coming so close the first time in 2017—falling just 26