Staying Afloat

Source: The author’s boat Adamaster, a Crossbow 42, at rest in a secluded anchorage

Whether your plan is to go off sailing for a season, cruise for a couple of years or liveaboard indefinitely, working out how to get your finances in order can be daunting. Few people are wealthy enough to do these things without an income. In fact, there is a broad range of strategies for how individuals, couples and families are making it work to ful-fill their boating dreams: from the gamble of selling off everything to the ideal of sustaining a business while sailing the world.

None of these leaps out as a particularly easy option, as controlling your financial stability while out on the sea requires time, effort and considerable common sense to be feasible. Get it wrong and your time spent in an island paradise could come screeching to a halt. However, if you handle your funds well, you could end up sailing on forever. In fact, it may surprise many to know that it’s

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Alone Again, Naturally
In spite of the fact I came to the sport of sailing alone and untutored, in a boat I acquired on my own, I never really aspired to become a solo sailor. It just sort of happened. All these years later, I still never explicitly plan to sail anywhere a
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Hurricane Heaven
As I write this, another hurricane season has passed. In hundreds of harbors and marinas, sailors are breathing a sigh of relief. I know the feeling, since I rode out eight spinners aboard my sturdy 30-footer. I can recall the precise moment when I s
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Two New 60-footers
Among the many developments in the boatbuilding industry in recent years, arguably the most noticeable has simply been the increase in size. Time was a 40-footer was a “big” boat. Not anymore, with production boatbuilders like Dufour and Jeanneau now