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The Cat in the… Pot? Cuddly Felines Nap in Japanese Cookware

Cats sleeping in clay cooking pots are all the rage in Japan right now. Apparently, they are so popular that stores have started selling pots made exclusively for cats.
japanese cats

Cats at a temple in Obama, Japan, perhaps thinking of pots.  Photo by Nevin Thompson. Used with permission.

A blogger by the name of 写メんなよ (shamen-nayo) made a surprising discovery on November 7, the “Pot Day” (鍋の日, nabe no hi) in Japan.


Found the startling word “Cat-pot” on the “Pot Day”

Donabe (traditional Japanese earthenware pots) are such commonly used cookware in Japan that there is a special day for eating food in them. To celebrate this year's Day of Pots, many Japanese users had posted photos of hot pots and stew on Twitter. Among those photos, however, were also pictures of furry felines stuffed in pots of all shapes and sizes.

The blogger first came across cat-pots in a tweet by a college radio station:

Speaking of pots, Ramochi is introducing “cat-pots”!

What are cat-pots… no, they’re not about eating cats!😱🐈

Cat-pots are where cats fit snugly into pots, and they’re VERY soothing to watch💓

It turns out that cat-pots aren't just for the Day of Pots. These furry felines have already been chilling in pots for a while.

Cat-pot now. Lol

(Cats) really go in if you leave (pots)…

(The cat) went into the clay pot and is sound asleep… into her dreams…


It's not only big cats in big pots; little kittens are also joining in on the fun with their own tiny pots.

Sakamoto trying out the cat-pot

#Cats #Kittens #ScottishFold #Calico

#Want to connect with cat lovers #Catpot #Catpot

Apparently, cats in pots are so popular that stores nationwide have started selling pots made exclusively for cats:

We have “Nekonabe(cat-pot)” in stock! Cats can lounge around in this chilly pot made of aluminum😽 ¥3480+tax at the fourth floor Pet First #Catpot #Catpot

Catpot #Twins #Cats #Kittens
#FourthMonth #KittenClub #BrownTabby #WhiteTabby
#RedTabby #CreamTabby

Not much of a cat person? These puppies also love to chill inside pots:

(She) rarely goes in when it’s placed on the floor, but when I put it on the bed next to Tomo, (she) goes in most of the time lol

#Catpot #Chihuachshund #CatChillyGoods


Wouldn't they go in if you place the pots?


It seems that cat-pots have taken Japan by storm with their ability to “癒す”, or soothe and comfort the viewer. After all, who doesn't love cute cat photos?

For more adorable photos of cats in pots, visit 写メんなよ's Naver Matome post.

Originally published in Global Voices.

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