This Man Grew Up Across The Street From Hitler

“I knew he wasn’t a good thing,” historian Edgar Feuchtwanger says. “What nobody knew was that he was going to turn the whole world upside down.”
Edgar Feuchtwanger (right) is pictured with his co-author, Bertil Scali.
Hitler My Neighbor Source: Courtesy of Éditions Michel Lafon

Edgar Feuchtwanger was 5 years old when Adolf Hitler looked at him for the first time.

It was 1929. The child peered out of his window in Munich and watched the future chancellor of Germany step out of a black automobile. Hitler glanced up and made eye contact with the boy. That was when the boy's nanny, Rosie, slammed the window shut and made him go to bed.

Some time later, Feuchtwanger was taking a walk with Rosie in his neighborhood when the same man emerged from a building and entered a vehicle. "He looked at me

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