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What are hybrid equity savings? How should you choose, use them?

With deposit rates down, retired people need options to supplement their income. Hybrid equity savings schemes may be the answer.

In a falling interest rate scenario, retirees have to look beyond investment options like fixed deposits and small saving schemes. Guaranteed, regular returns and safety of capital is the attraction here for them, but with deposits rates at a record low, looking at alternatives has become imperative. If

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Losing The Plot
The formation of the second Devendra Fadnavis government had led to jubilation in the BJP camp. Even its embarrassing failure, the arrival and exit of Ajit Pawar, didn't cause much disappointment. There was a sense of self-righteousness the rank and
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Lok Tantra Just hours before he was to take oath as chief minister on November 23, Devendra Fadnavis and his wife Amruta hosted a late-night pooja at the CM's official residence, Varsha. Conducting the ceremony were four priests from the Ma Baglamukh
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Down, But Not Out: Fadnavis May Yet Get A Lifeline From The Party
Even after his resignation on November 26, Devendra Fadnavis was closeted with senior BJP leaders through the day at his official residence Varsha'. He attended a meeting of BJP legislators at the Garware Club inside the iconic Wankhede stadium in th