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A Women’s Health Mini Book

To all the women out there...

...whose eyes pop open in the middle of the night, we feel your pain—and your stress, creaky floors, crying kids, too-hot bedrooms, and everything else behind these rude awakenings. Like a rooster screeching in your ear hours before his actual call time, these disrupters are causing some major health issues. But we’re here to say: oh no you cock-a-doodle-don’t.


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Sustainably styled
You think about food waste, but what about clothing waste? Reduce your fashion footprint with eco-friendly duds that will last a lifetime. Only thing better than chill’n in organic undies? Feeling snug in a puffer made using renewable energy. No toxi
Women's Health1 min lettiFashion & Beauty
Party Pony
A cuff makes any ponytail, high or low, more elegant, says Crystal Johnson, hairstylist and owner of BlondEmpire salon near Orlando. Apply a hair oil to make sweaty strands look intentional (it’s a trend!), and “secure with an elastic band to prevent
Women's Health1 min letti
Happy Hours
People who received a flu shot before 11:00 a.m. had much higher levels of sickness-fighting antibodies in their blood a month later, compared with people who got their shots at or after 3:00 p.m., a recent University of Birmingham study found. This