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We test hundreds of products each year in the PC Labs—and these 100 are the top 4 percent. If you want to know what to buy this holiday season, here’s your list.

When you test as many products a year as the analysts at PC Labs do, it’s not surprising that they all start to look alike.

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The Future of Computing
If you’re reading the PCMag Digital Edition, you’ve likely got a pretty good grasp on how computers work: bits, bytes, hardware, software, input, output. No big deal; we’ve been living with personal computers for decades now. Well, make that “classic
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Trend Micro Maximum Security: Cross-Platform Protection
If you’re reading this article, you surely have your PCs protected with a security suite or at least an antivirus. Maybe you’re security-smart enough to protect your Macs with an antivirus, too. But for truly comprehensive security, you also have to
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LA's COVID-19 Response Runs on Data Science
When people ask what’s different about the fight against COVID-19 compared with previous pandemics, one answer is data science. We know more—in real time—about infectious disease transmission, treatment efficacy, and the results of prevention program