Who Invented Fine Dining in America?

“We have not honored the masters of the culinary profession by keeping their memories,” writes University of South Carolina food historian David Shields in the introduction to his new book (The University of Chicago Press). “In a strange way, the memory of cooking has condensed around recipes, dishes

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Ten Things We Learned from the Season’s Best Books
As in, this crisp, clear, high-acid white from the French Mediterranean goes with everything. Sommelier Vanessa Price is determined to bring wine talk down to earth, even if that means occasionally hitting the drive-thru. In Big Macs & Burgundy, Wine
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The Unlikely Affineur
CHEESEMAKING, MANKIND’S LONG-running alchemy of controlled rot, involves transforming perishable milk into something exponentially more complex, long-lasting, and valuable. It requires the dedication and patience of a monk. Until recently, Antoine Ri
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Eat The World
Is there any logic capable of justifying $255 for a single soup ladle? Of course not. But that’s the problem with logic—it’s logical. Desire, on the other hand, burns far brighter. And do I ever desire this functional masterpiece from Erica Moody of