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The Chinese navy in the Baltic: A sign of things to come?

What was the most significant thing, politically, to happen in world affairs this past summer? In asking this question, I was reminded of once reading that, in Victorian times, pupils at elite British boys schools returning from their lengthy summer vacations were required to answer an essay question precisely along those lines: What event had occurred during recent months that would be deemed, historically and symbolically, to have been of the greatest importance?

Obviously, the event could not be a football match or a rock concert. Equally obviously, the intention was a pedagogical one, to train the

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Clarence Page: ‘Herd Immunity’ Idea Rears Its Head Again — And Still Deserves To Be Struck Down
Although he’s reluctant to say it out loud, President Donald Trump appears to be disturbingly close to embracing the ideas behind “herd immunity,” which in my view has been best described as the “let ’em die” strategy. Put simply, herd immunity descr
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Bill Press: Is There Nothing Sacred In Trump World?
It’s one of those experiences I’ll never forget. A beautiful, sunny day in 1975. I was in Monterey, California, on some state business when a friend mentioned that President Gerald Ford happened to be in town that day. Whereupon we both had the same
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Clarence Page: The Rise Of QAnon Isn’t Surprising. Americans Have Long Been Sucked Into Conspiracy Theories
I’m no less shocked than anybody else by the rise of the wacky QAnon conspiracy theory-turned-movement in this election year, but I’m not surprised by its viral spread. After all, I’m a Black American. Therefore, as an uncle of mine counseled me deca