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Singer-songwriter Jhene Aiko finds her way to peace in a new project

"Can you pull over?" Jhene Aiko asks her driver before hopping out of the black Suburban, instructing me to take her place in the backseat.

It's a hot August afternoon and we are riding along the Pacific Coast Highway to a destination only she knows while listening to her new album, "Trip."

Surprise-released last week, "Trip" is the musical component to an ambitious multimedia project that also includes a short film and a poetry book - a "map," as the singer-songwriter calls it, of her quest toward personal peace.

"I want you to feel," Aiko says, turning up the volume.

The waves crashing against Zuma Beach whiz by as Aiko's gentle voice fills the car. "How you like it up there? What's your view from there," she sings, envisioning a loved one traveling in the afterlife.

Intensely personal, "Trip" is the culmination of Aiko's recent journeys toward enlightenment following the loss of her brother,

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