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“We wanted to make sure the design—the copy, the emojis—had the feeling of, ‘We are here for you,’” says Planned Parenthood’s Friedler.

Just before Planned Parenthood began celebrating its

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Baseball’s Tech Revolution
Baseball has always been as much a science as it is a sport: A sportswriter introduced the box score in 1859, and 30 years ago the Padres’ Tony Gwynn pioneered video as a tool to improve his swing. Today, Major League Baseball’s commitment to technol
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A World Of Experience
The impersonal nature of automation, e-commerce, and streaming has produced the inevitable backlash: Consumers and companies are prioritizing encounters and connections over more stuff. This is how we come together, right now.
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Reduce, Reuse, Refurbish
Thibaud Hug de Larauze COMPANY Back Market POSITION CEO PREVIOUS JOB Managing merchant inventories on eBay and other marketplaces PHONE MODEL iPhone 6 Society’s obsession with new gadgetry has wreaked havoc on the environment: Close to 50 millio