Celebrating Intellectual Engagement On College Campuses

Sending your child off to college? It's important to appreciate what happens after move-in day — especially now, as there is a growing hostility to higher ed, says anthropologist Barbara J. King.
Source: Jannis Werner

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, 20.5 million students attended U.S. colleges and universities last year. The numbers shouldn't be much different this year.

Right now, as August rolls over into September, millions of families are sending their kids off to college. It's an emotional and exciting time.

It's a time, too, to understand and appreciate what happens after move-in day concludes and the hard work of the academic year begins. That is especially important now because in recent months, evidence has emerged of a growing hostility to higher education in this country.

According to at last month, based on , 58 percent of Republicans have a negative impression of the impact colleges have on society. That is way up

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