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Historic floods are ravaging Canada

Climate change is likely a factor
quebec flooded

Western Quebec and Eastern Ontario are currently being slammed.

“You know I’ve often said in Canada that our greatest attribute, in terms of the weather, is that the weather hits and runs,” said David Phillips, the senior climatologist with Environment and Climate Change Canada (the agency tasked with implementing the Canadian government’s environmental agenda). “It doesn't stand around and torment you and clobber you and tease you like it does in other latitudes, like in Florida or the Carolinas. A hurricane can stand there for two or three days and then come ashore, go back out and then come back in again. It just absolutely wears you down, because it doesn’t go away.”

In Canada, even terrible weather knows it’s impolite to overstay. But this week’s rains, which inundated the residents of Eastern Ontario and Western

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