Crooked Media Fights Trump With ‘Pod Save America’

Crooked Media is a podcast company founded by three former top Barack Obama staffers who don't hide their disdain for Donald Trump.
Crooked Media is a podcast company founded by three former top Barack Obama staffers who don't hide their disdain for Donald Trump.
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Liberals are a bunch of snowflakes. It’s an insult conservatives adore, summoning with it the image of a bleeding heart so worried about giving offense, so tightly wound by the dictates of political correctness, so overwrought that the slightest provocation from a truth-teller with a concealed-carry permit will send the rattled lefty into full mental meltdown, cowering on the floor, sobbing through yoga breaths, begging Nancy Pelosi to make it all OK again.

The three hosts of Pod Save America may be bros, and they may be wonks, but they are definitely not snowflakes. They are furious and profane, frequently mocking and infrequently measured, closer in temperament to Rush Limbaugh than to All Things Considered, with a bracing splash of Lenny Bruce’s wild existential neurosis.

Pod Save America did not become the nation’s most popular political podcast within the past few months because it offers insights impossible to find elsewhere in mainstream media outlets. What it promises instead is a “no-bullshit conversation about politics” conducted by former Barack Obama speechwriters Jon Favreau and Jon Lovett, as well as former presidential spokesman Tommy Vietor (former White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer co-hosts one of the week’s two podcasts). Implicit in that promise is unapologetic bias in favor of the liberal humanism now buried deep beneath the rubble of Hillary Clinton’s blue firewall. And while all three hosts clearly long for the civility of the Obama administration, they have no qualms about jettisoning civility for the sake of defeating Donald Trump’s retrograde agenda.

CNN or NPR might gently suggest that it was unwise for former Trump transition-team member and current House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, a Republican representative of California, to personally relay classified intelligence to Trump—and to announce to the media that he had such information and had given it to the president; Pfeiffer, conversely, calls Nunes “a moron.”

“You can never underestimate how stupid Republican politicians are,” declared Favreau in the midst of an extended evisceration of the GOP’s rushed attempt to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.  

Lovett proceeded to tear into Ryancare/Trumpcare, calling it “a bastardized, shitty version of Obamacare” and then offering a

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